Our Franchise Package

At Belvedere Schools we are able to offer our franchisees the following services:

  • Rebranding of an existing school or establishing a new school
  • Consultancy Services
  • Access to pro forma policies/forms
  • Syllabus for each key stage
  • Recruitment Services
  • Rebranding of an existing school or establishing a new school
  • Recruitment Services (no additional advertising costs)
  • Licence and Application Support
  • Staff Training
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Dedicated Personal Consultant
  • 4 Teachers recruited free of charge

We will assist you in establishing your new school or help you rebrand your existing school. Branding is vital to the success of your school. Whilst it might seem like a simple cosmetic addition to add our logo to your uniform, letterhead, and parental communications there is no doubt that a trusted and reputable school brand will give your stakeholders an added sense of confidence. Some of our schools have even chosen to fully replicate (modifying where necessary) our traditional boys and girls Prep School uniform. We can provide full samples and consultancy on the design of this. We do everything we can to ensure a sense of partnership. Parents feel reassured in being able to find us through ‘search’ engines and we provide our schools achievements, academic results and news directly to our franchise partners.

Many schools will find that once they are operational they will rely on us less, but remain reassured knowing we are still on hand. We are always willing to provide Skype and conference call support and will draw upon additional expertise if you present us with a problem we cannot solve.