Our Recruitment Strategies

We consider a number of factors when deciding how to recruit teachers for your school.

Timing is crucial and we will use different methods of advertising and ways of approaching potential candidates depending upon when your initiative is to be undertaken. Some of our most successful appointments have been through our direct and personalised approached. We find that specific and localised advertising throughout the UK is more effective and enables us to deal directly with schools, universities and referees.

Our process has been carefully designed so that you may gather as much information as possible about prospective candidates. We do not accept Skype as a final interview and we ensure that all referees are provided in a professional capacity.

Our Registered Teachers

Once we fully understand your profile we may be able to recommend teachers directly to you. As we are continually placing teachers we keep only a small pool of teachers on file.  We would recommended any of our registered teachers, all of whom have undergone our rigorous recruitment process in anticipation of an upcoming vacancy in the very near future. As demand is exceptionally high we are continually registering and placing our staff and we re-visit our lists and check availability on a monthly basis. We do not retain teachers on our ‘lists’ for long periods of time. All our teachers will have up-to-date references and have been observed recently.

This service is our simplest and most time and cost effective service.

If you require a large number of teachers or recruitment for a very specific post then it is likely that we will conduct a specific recruitment drive for you. This will include advertising posts, marketing your school, an information session and interviewing suitable applicants.  Interview questions will be tailored to your school and your location. An observed lesson for any of our applicants is a mandatory part of the process.