Meeting the Needs of Your School

Some schools wish us to fully manage the recruitment process for themselves, whilst other schools are looking for a very specific match to a single post.

We will obtain a school profile from you and identify available vacancies. We can draw up a staffing structure for you and identify where leadership posts might be created. If your school is developing we may also consider interim staff structures for you and look at how the school will be accommodated as it increases in capacity. We may need to consider cultural sensitivities when appointing male or female staff and will ensure there is a balance of both experience and enthusiasm within staff teams. If there are any regulatory requirements we will seek your advice on these and ask you to obtain any exemptions or memorandums of understanding from the relevant authorities.

We will obtain full details from you about the salaries you propose to offer, the housing package and any other benefits attached to the post. This will enable us to advise you about the type of teachers you will be able recruit and allow you to make any adjustments if this does not meet your expectations.

We will prepare a presentation (electronic and a hard copy) for delivery to prospective employees that will promote your school in the best possible way. When we meet with any candidates they will be made fully aware of what this post offers and also of your expectations in terms of professionalism and general conduct.