With the quality of teachers underpinning our recruitment service, we offer a premium service to not only our franchise partners but to schools seeking anything from one member of staff to a fully equipped start-up teaching team.

Whilst the majority of our requests are for qualified teachers, we can supply all types of school staff, including school principals and senior leaders, teaching assistants, office staff, sports’ coaches and instructors (e.g. dance, drama or music specialists)

A personalised service for your school

When you decide to use our recruitment services, we will discuss YOUR specific requirements. If you are not one of our franchise partners, we will require information from you about your school, so that we may understand YOU as the client, your school’s values, mission and philosophy and your business ethos. All of these factor are vitally important to us so that we may place the most appropriate and suitable teachers in your school.

If a number of placements are required, we will visit your school and gain first-hand experience of what a teacher at your school might expect and then use this knowledge to talk informatively to our candidates. If your Senior Leader is already in post gaining an understanding of their expectations, their leadership and management style is another important part of the process.

We consider your requirements in terms of the package you can offer, the overall profile of your existing team and any regulatory requirements that are placed on overseas teachers and residents. Most teachers seek overseas posts not only for career development but for the financial and lifestyle rewards that such a position can offer. With this in mind we seek to honestly match expectations with what employers can reasonably offer.

Our candidate assessment process is rigorous and thorough. We believe the teachers we offer you will be of the highest calibre. We have taken time to get to know our teachers. We feel confident not only of their teaching ability and capacity to learn but also of their ability to fit into the team or work as a member of a developing team and, equally importantly their attitudes and dispositions to adapt and change to a new lifestyle.