Belvedere Preparatory School

Preparation for Life

Belvedere Preparatory School (BPS) was originally founded in 1880 as the Junior Department of The Belvedere School, Liverpool, formerly known as the Liverpool High School. Originally housed at 17 Belvidere Road, they moved to their current premises at 23 Belvidere Road in 1939. The school became a stand alone preparatory school in 2006 and has the reputation of being one of the most prestigious Independent Schools in the City of Liverpool.

Belvedere PrepBelvedere Preparatory School boys and girls learn in a supportive, secure and stimulating environment and move on to some of the best schools in Liverpool. The school boasts a diverse multicultural community and whilst pupils achieve high academic standards, BPS is not a narrowly academic school. It offers a broad curriculum, including specialist teaching in Art, Music, Science and Physical Education.  An extensive range of extra-curricular activities are offered to further enrich pupil learning.  Pupils are treated as  individuals and encouraged to become independent, questioning and creative thinkers.

Visitors are welcome to make an appointment to tour the school and to see how well we deliver a first class preparatory education.

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