Keeping up with new initiates

With the educational landscape rapidly changing we know how hard it can be for schools to keep up with UK based initiatives and innovation, we particularly appreciate the difficulty that overseas schools can face in receiving information and participating in professional dialogue. Whilst overseas schools, unless inspected by a UK Inspection Body, do not have to follow all mandatory changes, remaining at the forefront of British Education is what continues to give your school credibility and market confidence.

Updating our schools on such changes is one of the services we can provide. As we are actively working in schools and are members of a number of UK Educational bodies we are part of professional consultations and can obtain accurate first hand and up to date information for you.

Professional Development and Accredited Training

Our schools are dedicated to providing high quality professional development for their leaders and staff. We can devise and deliver a yearly training plan for you or organise single day workshops. If you require certifications, in a range of areas, we can source accredited trainers for you. We will advise you on statutory UK training requirements and can also put together packages for your staff or school leaders should they wish to return to the UK to undertake any training. We can also provide workshops and yearly updates, if required, on a variety of topics where we can draw the expertise from our own schools and use our team to deliver these to you.

Assessment Advice

For those schools who wish to follow UK assessment practices, including pupil selection, we can advise on test material selection and order resources, if required. We are also able to help implement testing schedules and moderate marking. We will provide you with our data and coach your teachers in order that they become better in data analysis, thus enabling them to compare and understand pupils’ progress and attainment. We can help teachers target set for individual pupils even if they have had little previous experience of this.

If you wish to be sure that the pupils who join your school will be academically able and have the communication skills required to be successful in English we can offer our services to assess and select your pupils for you. We have significant experience in selective education and can guide you through this process. Having a third party assess and advise on pupil recruitment can be beneficial if you need to remain impartial and select pupils without pupil history, background and other affective criteria.

Special Educational Needs Advice and Support

We can undertake ‘mainstream’ special educational needs testing and profile and assess pupils to enable you to understand what level of need a particular pupil might have. We will help you understand what support they may then require in order to access the curriculum in your school and whether you could reasonably provide this. We will give you advice as to what curriculum or other modifications may need to be made and whether the pupil will require any specialist resources or programmes. We will help you draw up Individual Educational Plans for such pupils. We can do this as part of the pupil recruitment process or for pupils who have already entered your school and are experiencing difficulties. This may be particularly useful if your SENCO is inexperienced and new to the role.

Personalised Consultancy and Support for Leaders and Governors

We understand that even the most experienced leaders at times, can benefit from the advice and support of a ‘critical friend’. Belvedere Schools Consultancy can provide a dedicated consultant for an on-going period or as and when specific needs arise. We can offer remote advice through services such as SKYPE or personalised visits on demand. We are happy to work with School Principals or Governors to give feedback and offer objective opinions to enable School Target Setting and Performance Benchmarking.

We are also happy to work with Governors to undertake annual (or as and when required) appraisals of Head Teachers and other Senior Leaders.