Benefits of becoming a Belvedere School

When you become a Belvedere Franchisee you join a reputable and legitimate educational organisation with a Head Office and an established Preparatory School located in the historic and vibrant city of Liverpool, in the North West of England.  It is a well-known fact that franchises typically have a higher chance of success than stand-alone ventures.

At Belvedere Schools we are here to help and support you every step of the way, whether you are establishing a new school or rebranding an existing school. Quite simply, the more successful your school is the more pupils you will attract. When demand is high, schools are able to select the pupils that they feel will benefit most from the education on offer.  Selecting pupils for their ability to achieve within the curriculum on offer improves pupil attainment. In turn, schools with better performance outcomes continue to attract more pupils.

Increase your enrolment

We can report that when UK Belvedere staff were responsible (over a three month period) for the initial pupil enrolments, in 2012 at Belvedere British School (Abu Dhabi) there was an overwhelming demand from parents. It was apparent that they wanted accurate answers to their questions and a true understanding from those involved in the day to day life at Belvedere Preparatory School, Liverpool. We will continue to facilitate this face-to face contact between our team of educationalists and parents for all of our new franchisees and, if desired we will be the face of your enrolment and marketing during your set-up phase.

The appeal of a traditional British Education

Our experience shows that this tangible ‘Britishness’; the curriculum, the discipline, the environment and an emphasis on extracurricular life provided by an association with Belvedere Schools, is one of the main keys to success. We are not just a name. We are a creditable and trusted British School steeped in history and tradition (Established 1880) and visits to Belvedere, Liverpool are welcomed.

The quality of teachers

A fundamental consideration to the success of your Belvedere School is the ‘Englishness’ of the teachers. Belvedere Schools are characterised by class teachers who should always be native English speakers. The majority of them will be truly British and all will be native English speakers, with some experience of teaching the English National Curriculum. We will help you develop a salary and benefits package within your budget, so that you will attract the right teachers and will be able to deliver a truly British Experience. Once again, our research shows that a guarantee to parents that their child’s class teacher will be a native English speaker does more to increase enrolment than any other contributing factor. We offer a specialist recruitment service  and preferential rates are available to our franchise partners.