About Belvedere Schools

History:  School Motto ‘Preparation For Life’

Based on our 130 year history of quality education in the UK, Belvedere Preparatory School (BPS) was approached by an educational consortium in 2011 to work with them on a new school venture in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Following the successful launch of Belvedere British School, Abu Dhabi the organisation have continued to be involved in establishing international schools and enhancing learning at all levels.  From this initial project Belvedere Schools was formed.   We now work with a growing portfolio of schools across the UAE and Qatar, other UK partner schools and enjoy strong links with UK teaching universities.

Based on this success we recently relocated to prestigious offices on Castle Street, at the heart of the City’s Commercial District. Our environment, rich in culture and tradition allows visitors to not only meet us in an exceptional working environment, but it also ensures a memorable experience in one of the UK’s greatest cities.


Whilst schools around the world are all very different, their basic objective is universal; to provide a learning environment that delivers the very best student outcomes and the quality of the teaching is fundamental to achieving this.  At Belvedere Schools everything we do is based on the principle that quality teaching creates effective learning, which enables children to thrive.  With a focus on teaching quality our comprehensive service offering extends to both teaching and other school personnel, as well as educational infrastructure, resources and processes.  All that we do it about helping schools to manage and develop learning, which is commercially and culturally tailored to their requirements.  We believe our success is due to three important factors:

  1. Our educational credibility: we are experienced educators and remain involved in schools at all levels.
  2. Our personalised approach: we meet or visit all clients, schools and recruits.  We do not rely on documented evidence!
  3. Our evidence basewe nurture and maintain tangible connections to our growing Belvedere schools international network.


In 2012 Belvedere Schools offered a full management service to Belvedere British School (BBS), Abu Dhabi, which proudly opened its doors in September of that year with over 400 pupils. UK based Belvedere Staff were sent to work side by side with the owners enabling them to be actively involved in the development and marketing of the school, the recruitment and admission of pupils, including meeting with prospective parents, ordering furniture and equipment for the school and the all-important recruitment of the founding teaching team. Further information about BBS can be found on their website: www.belvederebritishschool.com

During 2014 we become involved in the development of Al Basma British School, Abu Dhabi, working in partnership with Belvedere British School. Belvedere Schools worked on a joint recruitment initiative to develop a British teaching team of twenty eight in preparation for the school opening in September 2014 with a student body of 1,200.

Qatar is one of the fasted developing Gulf States.  The country has made an enormous commitment to investment in Education.  We are now proud to be working with Newton International Schools, a group of six forward thinking schools in Doha, Qatar.  Twenty five teachers were recruited for the academic year 2014/15 and we continue to source good/outstanding teachers to meet their growing needs.